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Amruthotharam Kashayam ( 200g )

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What is Amruthotharam Kashayam

Amruthotharam Kashayam is a classical ayurvedic medicines used for chronic fever, constipation, appetite loss, etc. The main indication of Amruthotharam Kashayam is AMA formation, which is a main cause of several diseases including fevers.

Health Benefits & Ingredients

Amruthotharam Kashayam has following healing properties: Aam Pachak (Detoxifier) Anti-arthritic Anti-gout Anti-inflammatory Antioxidant Antipyretic Antiviral Antibacterial Carminative Digestive Stimulant Immunomodulator Mild Laxative Ingredients (Composition) Amruthotharam Kashayam is prepared from the following herbs. Ingredients Proportion Terminalia Chebula – Haritaki 4 Parts Tinospora Cordifolia – Giloy (Guduchi) 2 Parts Zingiber officinale – Sonth 1 Part The prepared liquid or tablets contain the water extracts of these herbs in provided proportion.