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Amritamehari Churnam ( 50g )

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What is Amritamehari Churnam

Amritamehari Churnam is of proven effect in diabetes and is excellent to reduce urine sugar.Excellent to reduce weakness.Good in bladder ailments.

Health Benefits & Ingredients

Amritahari Churnam useful in pre-diabetes condition Dosage of Amritamehari Churnam: 3-10 g. The dose depends upon the blood sugar levels. This medicine can be prescribed along with – Hot water Dhanwantara ghritam Dhanwantaram(R) Vastyamayantakam ghrita. Suitable decoctions or arishtas Side effects: This medicine alone might be useful in controlling a fasting blood sugar level of up to 120 mg/dl. A sugar level above that may require a combination of other Ayurvedic medicines. Seek your doctor’s advice before taking this medicine. Ingredients:Each 10 gm contains- Amrita (Tinoapora cordifolia)- 1.667 gm. Meharimula (Gymnema sylvestre)- 5.000 gm. Dhatri – Amalaki (Embelica officinale)- 1.4667 gm. Ratri – turmeric (Curcuma longa)- 1.667 gm.