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Shilajeet Rasayan Vati ( 40g )

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What is Shilajeet Rasayan Vati

Impotency is one of the most serious issues that men of the world face today. It is a disorder of the internal composition of the body which makes it unable for the man to have a healthy reproductive system, and even jeopardizes his relationship with his partner. This can lead to a great deal of stress, which can cause several long-term physical and mental health issues in the person. The Divya Shilajeet Rasayan Vati is one of the most effective herbal cures for impotency. Shilajeet is an Indian herb that has been traditionally used for the treatment of male infertility issues. It is highly powerful and is renowned all over the world for curing men permanently of their reproductive problems. Now, with the Divya Shilajeet Rasayan Vati, this herb is made easily available. Being in the form of a vati – tablets – it can be easily consumed as well. The best reason why the Divya Shilajeet Rasayan Vati works is because it does not deal just with the infertility problems. In fact, it helps the body’s composition to improve as a whole. As a result, it also takes care of other problems such as obesity, diabetes, bodily weakness, and provides added energy to the body as well. Which Men Must Have Divya Shilajeet Rasayan Vati? You need an herbal supplement such as Divya Shilajeet Rasayan Vati if you suffer from any of the following issues:- 1. You get tired very easily, even in doing the simplest of tasks. 2. You often feel down in energy. 3. You have erectile dysfunction issues or cannot enjoy the sexual act due to some reason. 4. Your sperm count is low. 5. You have high amounts of stress. 6. You have high blood pressure. 7. You have respiratory issues, which force you to take hard deep breaths. 8. You suffer from piles. Diseases that Can be Treated with the Divya Shilajeet Rasayan Vati The Divya Shilajeet Rasayan Vati shows great benefits in the following cases:- 1. Male infertility issues such as erectile dysfunction and low sperm count 2. Stress, anxiety, and depression 3. Diabetes 4. High blood pressure 5. Piles 6. Recurring infections 7. Cold and cough 8. Bodily weakness 9. Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) 10. Respiratory disorders It is no wonder that people across the world are making Divya Shilajeet Rasayan Vati as a part of their daily regimen. Being completely herbal, it does not have any side-effects. The only effects it shows is a tremendous boost to physical as well as mental health.

Health Benefits & Ingredients

What Is the Divya Shilajeet Rasayan Vati Made of? The main constituents of the Divya Shilajeet Rasayan Vati are:- Shilajeet,Triphala (a combination of Haritaki, Bibhitaki, and Amalaka),Ashwagandha,Bhumyamalaki, these are all herbs. Shilajeet is known for being an effective treatment for all kinds of male reproductive issues. The other ingredient that is renowned for treating male infertility is Ashwagandha, which is also found in this vati. Triphala, on the other hand, is Ayurveda’s most celebrated herbal preparation. These three herbs are known for boosting the overall health of the body in significant ways.