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Amlant ( 60g )

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What is Amlant

Amlant is an antacid offering multi-dimensional approach in treating various gastric problems, and most effectively treats acidity.

Health Benefits & Ingredients

‘AML’ means acid, and ‘ANT’ means end, Thus, AMLANT refers to a medicine which would. neutralize the excess acid, hence preventing various gastric and duodenal minimise hyper excitability of vagus nerve and also relieves stress and anxiety. Work on Digestion. Benefits of Amlant: Neutralizing excess gastric acid. Minimizing hyper-excitability of abdominal nerves, thereby helps decrease release of acid, Relieves Stress and anxiety related to acidity Tones up and protect stomach, making them resistant to corrosive action of hydrochloric acid. It favours healing peptic ulcers and also prevents the formation of one, by neutralizing the excess acid. Improves the quality of digestion. Ingredientes:Each 1000mg tablet contains: Zingiber officinale 3.3mg. Piper nigrum 3.3mg. Piper longum 3.3mg. Terminalia chebula 3.3mg. Terminalia bellirica 3.3mg. Cyperus rotundus 3.3mg Cinnamomum tamala 3.3mg Embelia ribes 3.3mg Elettaria cardamomum 3.3mg Syzygium aromaticum 33mg Emblica officinalis 201mg Ipomoea turpethum 134mg Sarjika Kshar 103mg Glycyrrhiza glabra 201mg Sheetal parpati 100mg Crystal sugar Qs