Why Ayurveda

Āyurvēda is a clinically time tested and comprehensive system of healthcare. A 'Life Science' born of the Vedas and the precursor to most systems of medicine and surgery in the world. It finds a relevance, has scientific basis, has been aggressively researched up on and can contribute significantly to the varied medical and lifestyle needs of modern day. Latest advancements in modern diagnostic methods can seamlessly be interpreted and integrated into clinical practice of Ayurveda. Its glorious history spanning few thousand years and scientific temper positions itself as a link between the ancient, modern and future of medicine.

The Vedas proclaim जीवेम शरदः शतम�? - Jeevēma Sharadah Shatam meaning - 'Life' is meant to be lived for a Hundred Healthy Years ! The tenets of this science becomes the user manual to achieve this pre set goal. Ayurveda being an independent system has specialised solutions to treat various categories of diseases that afflict the mind and body. Lifestyle diseases, chronic conditions like degenerative, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases and syndromes seemingly respond well to Ayurvedic protocols. Though Ayurveda stands tall and scores many firsts throughout the history of medicine, it also emphasises on criteria to suggest possibilities and limitations in managing any medical condition. Thus here is a medical science that offers you a safer, clinically time tested, cost effective, scientific, natural yet modern system of Healthcare.

Why Vedic Medicines

Prasida is a unique clinical facility that represents the authenticity of South Indian Ayurvedic practice. We are a need based, doctor centric institution dedicated to bring genuine Ayurveda closer to people who have conditions that require medical attention. The concept of Day Care clinic has been planned keeping in mind the accessibility, travel time, cost effectiveness and benefit from a facility that makes Ayurveda a practical, simple and safer alternative to conventional care in corporate Hospitals. Clinical practice by reputed �?yurved�?ch�?ryas at Prasida is backed by 12 years of presence at Calcutta and an upcoming facility at Bangalore.

It has given the team sufficient impetus to develop and refine protocols that are both, geographically and demographically relevant. Detailed health evaluation followed by clear prescriptions with Internal medications, external therapies, Shodhana Panchakarma, diet and lifestyle counselling with guidance on Yoga and Meditation techniques form the basis of practice at Prasida. Formulations from Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakkal, Kerala and other renowned pharmaceutical houses of Ayurvedic medicine add to the efficacy of prescriptions from Prasida. To know more about Ayurveda or about possible solutions to manage your conditions that require medical attention call us to book appointments for consultations and subsequent therapeutic programs.

Vedic News

Vedic television shows on Ayurveda have been reaching out to over 50 million viewers across India through popular channels such as Care World, News 24.

  1. Vedic Ayurveda Clinic is an authorised agency for Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala medicines.
  2. Mr Alfred Ford, great grandson of Henry Ford the founder of Ford Motor Company, USA visits �?yurvedach�?ryas at Prasida 2014.
  3. Grade 2 fibrosis of liver in a Hepatitis C positive individual shows complete reversal after about 6 months Ayurvedic care.
  4. Partial ACL - Anterior Curciate Ligament Tear and allied conditions effectively managed with medications and external therapies.
  5. Non healing varicose ulcers successfully treated and photographically documented at Vedic.